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Central Fiscal Service


About Central Fiscal Service


Founded in 2013, Central Fiscal Service of Los Angeles, CA, has been helping businesses manage unpaid receivables for nearly ten years. The company was launched by a group of like-minded individuals who boast a combined 50 years of experience in financial services. They have built the company strategically to be a helpful resource for businesses that need help with debt collection and cash flow solutions.

Central Fiscal Service offers two primary services for its business partners: debt collection and location services. When account holders move or get a new phone number, businesses can be left in a tight spot when payments come due. With Central Fiscal Service, this can be resolved through one of their debtor location packages. Utilizing data aggregators, software, and credit files, they can ensure businesses have accurate information on their accounts and can focus on more important matters. In terms of debt collection, Central Fiscal Service utilizes a user-friendly portal where their clients can add accounts and monitor them during the collection process.

While many collection firms utilize scripts and dialers, Central Fiscal Service prioritizes hiring skilled professionals who can provide each account with the custom approach it deserves. This helps to maximize account recovery and can make the process less frustrating for account holders. Good business practices and clear communication are top values for Central Fiscal Service, and they work hard to uphold their reputation. They keep accurate debtor information up-to-date and submit it to all three credit bureaus and other relevant parties.

With its strong focus on professionalism and service, Central Fiscal Service takes a tailored approach to fit every business’s unique needs. They customize their approach to meet each business’ individual financial situation, ensuring goals are reached, and everyone is satisfied. Managing late or unpaid accounts can be tricky for businesses to navigate, so Central Fiscal Service takes the stress out of the situation and allows businesses to preserve their positive customer relationships. They manage consumer services throughout the process as well, fielding questions and minimizing confusion to get accounts resolved quickly and efficiently.

Central Fiscal Service is constantly evaluating its practices and finding new, innovative ways to improve unpaid receivables margins for the businesses it works with. Their professional team works towards long-term solutions rather than band-aid fixes, giving their clients long-term security and efficient systems they can rely on. Throughout the process, privacy and confidentiality are kept at the forefront, ensuring both businesses and consumers know their data is safe and secure.

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